What will we be?

Since the start of the internet in the 1980s, the usage and the scope of it have been changing diversely from searching and transferring information to e-commerce. Births and takeoffs of major internet entrepreneurs representing each era, like Yahoo!, lycos, and Google, YouTube and Facebook, Amazon, e-Bay, and Alibaba, give us an obvious direction of its chronological changes from utilization of information to e-commerce.

Internet information could be divided into general information and professional one, by accessibility to the information and of its application. The general information is open to anyone.  On the contrary, the professional information with specific language and professional contents, such as STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) and law, has limitation of access by people.

Medicine, one for the representatives of the professional information account for the OECD nation’s the GDP of 6.0 to 17.7%¹ as industrial statistics. Gathering and utilization of knowledge has been important to medical information which has broad fields and rapid increasing. Before the age of Internet, government agencies like the NML in the United States, and professional publishers such as Elsevier, etc.., have been gathering data in their big computers and served offline materials to users from 1960’s. And in the age of Internet, its usage has been constantly adapted and transformed into online systems.

As an internet business, the company of medical information has to deal with vast and sophisticated medical language that has given difficulties in planning medical e-commerce and collecting data to the company in general fields, even to leading big companies². These mean a big chance to ‘Medalls’ who has deep understanding in medicine and usage of medical terminology, of building up the top medical e-commerce with BtoB, BtoH(ospital), or BtoC forms. ‘Medalls (cooperated with ‘medisurf’ team – has experience in medical information for 17 years)’ wants to make a new medical e-commerce in Korea, where is a big trading point of Chinese and the USA’s market. If participation of active global investors and partners is achieved to this team, the top medical e-commerce business can be born.

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